Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Two Birds With One Stone.....

My Lord, is this true?

Yes. We have located them.


Scattered throughout some filth ridden Underhive on Sephoris Primus.

And you are absolute?

If there was any doubt it has been banished by this, take a look.


Yes, he was spotted breaking warp on the edge of the system. He is likely hunting for them also.

The texts of Khazzagh K'ho Ghozarsz. What use could he have of them?

The question Borgvald, is what does he know that we do not? Make haste, and for the love Terra, should you enconuter Heliosz do not let that Heretic escape with those texts.

Of course my Lord.

Oh and one more thing Borgvald.


There have been reports of strange 'hppenings' in the area, daemons and monsters and the like. Undoubtedly uneducated sump superstitions, but all the same. Be vigilant.

The Emperor protects.

Let us hope so, now go.

 Inquisitor Borgvald travelled to Sephoris Primus in search for an ancient and Heretical Xenos text. The text was rumoured to have been studied by a despot lunatic who dissapered decades ago. Now traces of the pieces he split the text into have arisen in the decrepit Underhive of Sephoris Primus.

 The Inquisitor arrives with his trusty Cyberhound and crew members; Menos and Kolfinn with his two attack drones. They immediately make their way down to the Underhive and so their search begins....

Turn 1:

 As Borgvald makes his way down the main thoroughfare of the ancient Underhive he begins to sense not all is right. He instructs Menos to take the left flank and Kolfinn to take his Drones and attempt to gain a vantage point. The Cyberhound is on high alert, there is many a unnatural thing that lurks in these depths.

 Kolfinn sends his Drones on ahead whilst Menos makes his way toward a long since defunct Sump pump.

 Borgvald keys the arming rune of his power maul as his Cyberhound rushes to investigate a dark alcove.

 At the opposite end of the thoroughfare Borgvald's presence has not gone unnoticed.

 Aware of the approaching threat Heliosz summons a foul warp fog to mask both his own and his companions presence.

 Squire levels his ancient Transuranic Arquebus at the shadows approaching in the distance.

 Ser Kuro advances and begins scanning ahead, he immediately detects several warp signatures matching his earlier hypothesis for the texts. He also pin points two human life forms advancing towards him and unnervingly, multiple other signatures....

 Receiving coordinates from Ser Kuro, Koga breaks cover without hesitation and heads to secure the closest mark. Drawing his Master Crafted Transonic blade, Koga begins to slice through the armour of a ruined ancient vehicle.

Turn 2:

 Kolfinn's Drones detect movement and unleash a deadly salvo from their twin linked Pulse Carbines.
 Meno's has his Servo Skull try and gain a definite lock on some of the shapes moving in the thickening fog ahead.
 Processing the developing variables Borgvald begins to develop multiple strategies.

 Despite deflecting many of the Drone's rounds the traitor swordmaster could not withstand the combined attack of both Drones and found himself pinned. The first of the Heretical texts almost within his grasp.

 Borgvald, now confident he has surmised the source of the ever increasing fog sends his Cyberhound forward in a hope to draw out anything unnatural lurking inside the building whilst he himself has a kill shot lined up and secondly to gain greater insight to what may lay ahead.

 Menos moves up covering the Cyberhound's advance whilst just ahead he makes out what could be one of texts.

 The Drones reload and begin to scan the area, they detect a warp anomaly coming from above them. Kolfinn moves to investigate.

 Drawn toward the dark energies of the despicable text Heliosz moves to the roof of the decaying structure and secures a portion of the texts. The sight of the Inquisitor spurs Jimushi to rise again.

 Ser Kuro moves into position to ambush the approaching Borgvald and co, all the while relaying real time tactical updates to the Inquisitor.

Turn 3:

 Sensing an imminent threat to his Master the Cyberhound speeds ahead, straight past Ser Kuro who is lying in wait.

 Borgvald moves up and directly in to Ser Kuro's ambush, The Emperors blessings truly are upon the Inquisitor as each shot missed.
 Hearing the gufire Menos dashes forward but is signalled by Borgvald to get the texts instead, he is fine and that this is all part of his strategy.

 Picking up movement from the ruined APC the Drones once again unleash hell. The ever thickening fog doing nothing to dampen their sensor arrays.
 Kolfinn then begins a careful ascent of the strucuture to the coordinates provided by the Drones.

  Having Menos squarely in his sights, Squire unleashes the devastating fury of the Trasuranic Arquebus. A near fatal exercise as the ancient weapon jams and is rendered near useless.

 The shot was not in vain however, Menos was hit hard. The Trasuranium round punching clean though him, the resultant barrics distorting the constantly shifting warp fog. Borgvald had not been signalling for him to get the text but to get down. 
 Enraged, Borgvald overcharges his power maul and powers up his fusion blaster.

 With the immediate threat of the Transuranic Arquebus now gone, Borgvald calls his ever faithful Cyberhound back. Ser Kuro takes the inititave and charges at the beast. The two are locked in a bitter struggle as the beat's corrosive saliver does little more than melt the centuries of dirt on Kuro's ancient frame. Still, this stops Kuro gaining ground, for now.

 With one of the texts safely in his possession Heliosz moves down through the structure and uloads his wrist mounted Bolt pistol at the Drones, his Daemonic blade hungry for combat. The Drones, once again unimpeded by Heliosz's warp fog return fire.

Turn 4:

 Kolfinn now with a text secured, sends his Drones speeding ahead in order to gain an advantage on the Heretical Inquisitor Heliosz. At the same time he sets his bespoke Plasma pistol to overcharge.

 The rushing Drones inevitably find their mark, the Inquisitor takes a direct hit and falls to the ground. Dropping the text he was carrying whilst uttering the darkest incantations.

 Following up the Drones and with all immediate threats pacified Kolfinn sets about securing another piece of the Heretical texts.

 The conflict between Ser Kuro and Borgvald's Cyberhound is finally resolved with Kuro kicking the beast off and delivering a plethora of strikes to the stunned beast.

 With his ancient weapon defunct and seeing his Master in trouble Squire begins to negate the battle field, trying to stay out of site of the Drones above.

Turning to Borgvald with a rictus grin, Ser Kuro unleashes a lethal volley of radioactive rounds at the Inquisitor. Borgvald returns in kind with his fusion blaster. Both parties fail to score a hit.

Never were so many ones rolled.

Turns 5-7:

 As the warp fog begins to clear Kolfinn sends the Drones to inspect the closest life signs and spots movement within the battered and now smouldering APC. He unloads his dangerously overcharged Plasma pistol narrowly missing the downed Swordmaster.
 Borgvald marches forward unphased by Ser Kuro and once the distance has been closed, opens up with another salvo of deadly fusion fire.

  Seeing his Master about to charge Borgvald, Squire rushes out of cover only to be confronted by Kolfinn's Drones, whilst Kolfinn himself makes a sprint towards Heliosz's position.

 As the foul warp fog clears only the bloodied text remains. All traces of the Heretic Heliosz are gone.

  Left with little option, Squire charges at the first Drone. Delivering a furious assault utterly destroying the Drone.

 However upon destroying the first Drone the second speeds in from behind to keep the Squire from reaching his Master.

 Ever the pragmatist Kolfinn quickly resolves this by tossing a frag grenade. Little is left of Squire but his Drone escapes completely unscathed!

  Ser Kuro makes a last stand and charges the Inquisitor, the two are locked in a brutal melee, neither able to gain advantage over the other.

 In the end however, there can be only one victor.....

  Borgvald filled with wrath of the Emperor finshes the tainted knight with a mighty flurry of blows from his power maul.
 Kolfinn and his Drones scour the area for the rest of the texts whilst the Inquisitor ends the downed Swordsman.

 Victory lies with The Imperium....

 .......this time.

The final dice rolls between Borgvald and Kuro:



 The ruinious powers certainly were fickle that day!

 The game was played between myself and  Bronislaw Czevak on one of his fantastic boards with his awesome scenery. This really was an excellent game with a properly frantic pace. The running gun duels and close combat between Borgvald and Kuro were just insane. Never have so many ones been rolled!

 We had selected one of the 'Scavenger Hunt' scenarios from the Necromunda rule\source book with the 'Monster' special rule as a basic frame work. We then agreed a narrative and dived right in.

 Since both of us had at least 6 turns, (each was started with the other player shouting 'Monster Roll' in the hope of truly scupering each others plans) this means there was a combined total of at least rolls each on the Monster table. Whereby if a six is rolled something suitably gribbly comes out of hiding and various acts of insanity ensue.....

 .......we could not manage a single monster roll between us (I'm reasonably sure this actually defies the law of averages).

 The highlight of the day though had to be Czevak's painfully deadpan reaction to the description and stats of the Transuranic Arquebus:

"You are never using that gun again"

Lastly I have to share a few unedited pics of the board, this was the perfect size for the game we played as it allowed plenty of tactical options as well as getting us straight into the action!:

 So thanks to Czevak for a quality day and watch this space for more reports in the near future!


  1. Love the pictures, some really good shots and added atmosphere. The write up was good as well, enjoyable read. I think in general this was a good game, a fast pace and the smaller gangs/board size were a definate factor in things. I'm sure you will have your retribution next time.

    1. Thanks dude! We'll deffo have to have a round 2 Heliosz wants his colouring book back! Haha

  2. Cool stuff. The CGI really added to the atmosphere.

    1. Cheers Euan and again thanks for stopping by! I was inspired by Iron Sleet's Punk Moth pictures and fancied having a go!

  3. Really great report, and really dig your terrain.

    1. Hey Commissarmoody, thanks dude. The terrain and board aren't mine though man, they are the awesome work of Bronislaw Czevak he's also on Ammo Bunker and here too;

    2. Still looks pretty cool, I will check out his blog.