Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bloth; The Returned

I recently stumbled across a post on Ammo Bunker and unusually felt compelled to actually join in and that content is the main focus of this entry.

Welcome, Bloth 'the returned'

 Bloth was part of an archeotech salvage crew. For many years he did this until one fateful run saw him and his crew crashing through a rotting layer flooring leaving them stranded, in the Sump. Over the following decades slowly but surely the Sump and it's denizens picked the crew off one by one until only Bloth remained.

 Always considered a somewhat slow and gentle giant Bloth was not a violent man. Nor was he considered to be proficient in any area of combat. Many years of being hunted through toxic wastes by shadows and 'things' beyond his simple understanding however, changed this. Dramatically.

 As the radiation and aggressive chemical wastes started to feed off Bloth so to did they begin to change him. His flesh began to alter, and fuse with his gear. As the environment had ruined his flesh so to did his equipment suffer a rapid entropy. With the lack of effective respiration and air free of heavy toxins, the chemical vapours soon started to alter Bloth's psyche;

 Prey became predator.

 Many many years later Bloth resurfaced, unrecognisable and with a thirst and hunger wholly unquenchable his rage was unleashed. All the convoluted and confused emotions of seeing his friends torn limb from limb, the constant fear for his life and the intense lust for revenge came to the fore.

 Bloth incinerated an entire dive bar and it's occupants before he was restrained.  This act was witnessed by Slaver; who had a healthy investment in the Gladiatorial pits, made every effort to ensure Bloth fell into his possession and so he did.

 After being suitably 'modified' for arena life Bloth became an instant sensation. Powered by pure unadulterated rage and desire for vengeance Bloth's killing proficiency knew few limits.

 A few short years later and Bloth's indentured tenure was cut short by way of one Inquisitor Corvidae. Investigating a trail of prohibited Xenos artifacts and weaponry Corvidae was lead to the fighting pits and Bloth's master.

 Master 4 Chrons had been trading with the Serrated Query in Xenos weaponry, a more exotic death meant more spectacle which in turn meant more profit for 4 Chrons.

 Before Corvidae had finished dealing with 4 Chrons and his lackeys, 4 Chrons triggered Bloth. Not wanting to unnecessary deaths on his hands, Corvidae destroyed the chrono and control cogitator attached to Bloth's skull. This sent the giant crashing to the ground.

 Once Corvidae had dealt with his oppressors he worked on salvaging Bloth's mind. While not entirely successful, Corvidae managed to reconstruct and rescue enough to give Bloth consciousness and restore some of his happier memories.

 Now Bloth serves Inquisitor Corvidae unconditionally. With a loyalty that will never be questioned nor waver, Bloth serves. Bloth is an effective instrument, albeit one of blunt trauma, and has been an integral part of several of Corvidae's investigations.


  1. Good work Corvus, this guy is really messed up in a good way lol. . . The story is really deep, puts mine to shame.!

    1. Thanks Gabe and thank you for coming to check the blog out too.

      I had the mini sat on the workbench for some time in all honesty but after seeing what other people were doing with it I had to pull my finger out lol.

      Haha I doubt that man, I think anyone who takes the time to throw some narrative together for their characters has got nothing to be ashamed of!

  2. Good work Corvus, this guy is really messed up in a good way lol. . . The story is really deep, puts mine to shame.!