Thursday, 13 August 2015

Narc Farms and Throne Ghosts

 So we was sat in the local sink downing jars of sump wash. Funny, cos it’s the only time I rightly remember everyone smiling, though after pulling the narc farm from the Cloud Boys there weren’t any reason not too really. Strange how quickly things change.

 Oh, you wanna know more eh youth? Well in that case sit yourself down my son. Allow me to illuminate……

 It was more cycles back than I’d like to think now. But, like I just said, we’d cleared the patch of dandy Cloud Boys and inherited a nice little narc farm. You know blitz, raid, obs, frenz and all the other usual gear. What was weird though was this like grey metal powder stuff, but we dint think too much on it, weird lot them cloud boys with plenty of fancy up Hive buyers. Just figured it was something that hadn’t reached our lot yet. 

 Anyways, after a few weeks of pushing anything and everything we suddenly realized we knew nothing about any of this stuff other than how to sell it. The only stuff we really had left was the weird grey powder. Now, I’ll not have it said that I’m the sort who backs away from, what d’you call it? Innovation? Yeah that’s it, innovation. So I figured if we could get some of the local dregs to try some maybe we could get ‘em hooked you know? Then bang, we’re back in the gelt. There was bins upon bins of this stuff.

 So, we gets a few of our locals round for a special ‘tasting’ you know like them lordly sorts do?

That was probably our first big mistake.

 We figured the best way to do this was to bang the stuff in a few bowls and let this lot show us what to with it. 

 That was definitely a big mistake.

 After watching about 8 of these dregs go to work on this stuff, and I mean go to work. Oh it all started rather tame but after a little taste they went mad for it. It was in their eyes, nose, mouths anywhere they could get it. Then it all started to go really, really bad.

 Turns out not every odd looking grey metal powder stuff found in a narc farm is actually a narc. It’s also fair to say that not every upper hive wannabe cloud boy rolls solely with other dandies.

 This stuff was pure evil.

 They went mad for it, no I mean like actually crazy. They was pulling at themselves and screaming, that damn noise, something I’ll never forget that, damned noise. But that was only the beginning, they got strong, like real strong, started fighting each other but they was rippin’ each other apart, they was tearing ‘em selves limb from sodding limb. That’s when we stopped being shocked and started shooting.

That was the final mistake.

 The first slug hit one of ‘em square in the noggin, and then, disappeared. Literally, the damned thing should’ve blown his head clean off but no, it hit clear as I’m sat with you, but no splat. Now the guy he was holding on to at the time, his head did go splat. It was almost as if the slug went in the first dreg’s head but came out the other guys head.

 It didn’t stop getting worse, you’re wondering how, I’m thinking? Well that’s when the Thrones turned up. Yeah that’s right, blasted ghost agents.

 You ever seen a massacre boy? I mean a proper massacre, you know, the sort where three people show up and waste everyone in a room by yourself and the freaks your boys were trying to blast? It never leaves you, ever.

 The only thing that kept me alive was I figured the one thing they couldn’t. How to finish ‘em proper. It was the powder, one of ‘em knocked a bin over and while one of the Throne Ghosts was popping shots of at ‘em he hit the powder. Well whatever he was firing outta that fancy slugger sent that stuff up quicker than a pyro in a promethium tank. I don’t mean normal fire though, this stuff was like a blue white kinda flash and then it was gone, nothing, not even a scorch.

 Now I’ll have it known whole Hive wide I’m afeared of nothing, nothing you hear? But I don’t mind telling you that was not right. So in the manliest manner I could muster I shouted to the Throne Ghosts to get ‘em in the powder and light ‘em up.

 That was only a little mistake.

 See, they’d noticed me now,  so the second I start shouting one of ‘em starts blasting, I could not believe it, here I am trying to save everyone’s sodding life and this scavvy starts popping rounds off at me! Anyway, for all the myth, they ain’t as hot as everyone makes out. Naturally I couldn’t kill him but I had to stop him shooting at me and get him to listen. So I did what any one else would do, I ran straight at him and walloped him. Well, almost. That’s exactly what would’ve happened if he the slippery sump rat didn’t move and flick his arms and legs about so much. I don’t know what happened but either way he got lucky and sucker punched me. So there I was rolling about screaming at this blithering idiot to listen to me and when he eventually clocks I’m not fighting and hears what I say he moves off and bang, him and his pals finish em off. Just like that.

 I thought that was it, medals, honours, lordships the works. How could they not? I’d just saved their lives right? 

 That was definitely the final mistake.

 After they’d done they went and shot everything again, one slug to the skull, I figured they was just making sure and all but then it started to get weird. I mean I’m no tech expert but these lads had bits that looked plain alien, I mean proper xenos. Then they started speaking in tongues, all clicks and pops. That’s when I noticed they had no markings, well nothing imperial. That’s when I got’s to thinking maybe these lads ain’t what they seem.

 On that I was right, dead bloody right.

 I starts seeing this shape on their armour, you know sort of like a question mark or a bloody weird knife or something. Now I’m no military man but I damn well know that ain’t normal so I tries to slip off, now, while were on about things I ain’t, quiet is most definitely among them. Oh I did a right good job of getting away all right, up until the point I tripped over my own feet and went stacking into possibly the only standing shelf unit left. Naturally, these other lads noticed.

 So there I was, three mercs staring down the barrel of some serious hardware, pointing at me bonce, saying my final prayers. Then flash!

 I’m thinking that’s it I’m dead, then I starts getting me sight back, I’m still in the farm and the mercs are laying all about with considerably more holes in ‘em than before.

 Then this fancy looking sort, I don’t mean like Cloud boy fancy I mean real gelt fancy, all finery and gear. He weren’t alone either, had a right crew with him, not to say there was many of ‘em but this lot made the other lot look like some dandy juves.

 The main man strides over all billowing coat and whips out this thing that makes this floating pict, that’s when I realizes what Throne ghosts really looks like.

 Borgvald, his name was and as it happens it weren’t that bad, as far as these sort of…

Woah woah kid, where you off? I ain’t done with my tale yet, sit down.

No really, I insist.

Sit down.

What? Where’d you pull that from?


 Now youth, that is why you don’t try silly little tricks like that. See you pull a shady little shooter on me, you end up all busted up. Been around the sump a few times me kiddo. 

 See I’ve noticed you lurking round for a few days and I know you’ve been asking questions. First rule of Downhive, know who you’re talking to.

 You gave yourself away though when you started squirming at the mention of your buddie’s logo, yeah that’s right, I know all bout you Query sorts.

 What’s that?

 Oh them, yeah guess that slipped my mind pal, you see that blinking light over there? Yeah that’s the one. Well that’s my man telling me he’s cleared the ‘killzone’, that’s what these official sorts call it, of all ‘hostiles’, that means your lot.

  Now since you’re only a young un I guess they’ve promised you all sorts of goodies, right? Well, let me tell you son, their promises is what they call Heresy, and that’s about as bad it gets. So you’re going to come with me and we’re going to have a little chat with my new pals.



What the!?

+++What was that? Status report+++

I’m guessing some of your lot’s mind tricks boss, or possibly a high ex round

+++No warp anomalies detected, What’s the prisoner’s condition?+++

Condition would be, errm, ‘incapacitated’ sir.

+++You mean to say he’s dead, correct?+++

Well, errm, yes. Dead boss.

+++We will discuss this shortly+++

Ahhh bollocks.
















 This is the old Half Face's Crew and this little narrative is a work to attempt to tie them in to the ever evolving fluff I'm accidentally creating. Next I must try and figure out how Old Half Face got himself a new crew!


  1. That was a good read dude, looking forward to hearing more 👍

  2. Thanks dude, there's plenty more in the pipeline, don't you worry!