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When The House of Saints Turns To Sin.......

 House Kensei, a Noble house of Old Gelt and entrenched power. Like a knife in shadow the house was everywhere, even the wind carried its essence. But when a presence is so omnipotent it is easy to deface, to portray in a far darker manner.

 A house of Swordmasters, a house of warriors, a house of Darkness; of Heresy.

 Let me tell you of the fall, the darkest act of Jimushi Koga and how it is you have never heard of the house of devils.

 House Kensei had humble beginnings as a sword school that  taught its ancient arts to any one who was willing to travel to the school. Located in a remote mountain range not too dissimilar to the Himalayas of ancient Terra. The path of Pilgrimage was frought with danger and most who set out never made it to the school.

 As time passed news spread of the sword saints and eventually the Planetary Governor, Philano Mearse, reached out to the school for an audience with their head. House Kensei answered and invited the Governor to their humble school and demonstrated to him and his council their art forms. Philano was captivated by the swordsmen and put into motion a series of events that would see the transformation from humble school to noble house.

 Over the following centuries the school became integrated in the planet's nobility and as a direct result of this, became host to an ever growing stream of willing students. As time elapsed the selection became more and more elitist, until only wealth or blood would see the doors to House Kensei open.

 As part of the House's new found position was tithe fealty, the house was to put Imperial Gaurd candidates through a strict training regime who would then pass the teachings on. This was a great honour for the House.

 Many centuries later and at the height of the House's power the planet was victim to a brutal invasion by one of the many Murder Cults of Khorne. It would seem word of the Sword Saints had spread to the very Warp itself, and Dark ears had heard the word.

 Whilst the invasion was brutal and many thousands were slaughtered by the invaders when the warriors of House Kensei descended the wrath of heaven was unleashed.
 The God of Murder granted his followers many gifts in the coming battles but none could beat the warriors of House Kensei, their martial skill a match for that of even of the most blessed scion of the Blood God and their fervour burnt hotter than the fiercest rage of the cultists.
 One of the Noble House's warriors stood apart from his brethren though. Jimushi Koga, his skill was unrivalled even within the hallowed halls of House Kensei. It was said he had practised every possible offensive and defensive movement a sword could make ten thousand times. During the battle he cut a swathe through the cultists and challenged their leader to single combat. The disciple of Blood God was bitterly enraged by the notion but would not refuse a challenge. The ensuing fight lasted one day and one night, and as the planet's star crested the horizon Jimushi's blade followed and laid the foul cultist to rest.

 It was in this instance Jimushi's fate was sealed. The Blood God cared not for any of his followers who had been put to the blade, they were weak and died because of it. But Jimushi was not weak, Jimushi had spilled blood and taken lives. This prize would not escape Khorne, and so it was with the that killing stroke Khorne did curse Jimushi Koga and would name him his champion.

 It was many years later before the seeds of this Dark act began to show their malign influences however and they were indeed insidious. Not known for subtlety the Blood God had known for his will to come to bear he would have to be patient. He had gifted Jimushi with a growing bloodlust, knowing the swordmaster was a man of inner peace and calm his curse would take many many years to erupt into his violent vision for a champion.

 It started with Jimushi training harder, his choler making itself present, sparring sessions turning vicious and the fierce rivalry that Jimushi formed with his once favourite student, Iga.

 The rest of tale is the same of many a heretic, the whispers of ruin offering their Dark gifts in exchange for sacrifice. The slow but steady descent of the chosen of the Gods and so Jimushi Koga's tale is little different.

 Knowing the House's tithe of swordsmen for the Gaurd was due Jimushi started a series of special lessons for his favourite students. Jimushi intended to sowe poisoned teacyings into the heart of the Imperiums finest and unleash the Blood God's rage into the heart of every bastion in the sector.
 Naturally he selected Iga, in spite of their ever growing rivalry Jimushi knew if he could light the fires of rage in Iga the pair would be unstoppable. Iga was pure of heart, clean of soul and was well aware of the growing darkness surrounding his Master.
 When Jimushi discovered Iga attempting to undo his conditioning on some of his selected students his rage erupted, and he struck an unarmed Iga. This was an attack without honour and defied the warrior code of House Kensei.
The growing tensions over the next few weeks was palpable and the Blood God knew if his desire was to be fulfilled he would have to gift the other students in order to ensure Iga did not succeed.

 The coming battle was bitter and bloody. The house divided and Jimushi slaughtered all who stood before him with his followers following suite with their new Dark gifts.

 All was not lost however, Iga and a small group of other students recognised the behaviours of this new Jimushi and his followers; the Murder Cultists. Knowing they would not back away from a challenge Iga challenged them all to single consecutive combat with the remaining loyal students lives as forfeit should he be struck down. Jimushi could not resist.

 As the first of Jimushi's followers leaped at Iga the other students struck the remaining followers with blessed swords, carved with ancient warding glyphics and sanctioned with holy oils. Enraged at this trickery and act of cowardice Jimushi called forth the power of his patron and fuelled by unnatural rage, speed and strength he became a paragon of Murder. Iga could barely make him out as a bestial red aura formed from the arterial spray surrounding Jimushi as he eviscerated everyone in the room. Non saw escape from the Swordmaster's blade, loyalist and follower alike were struck down. But Jimushi wanted to savour the death of Iga and so saved him for last.

 None can say precisely what transpired between those two souls, but both live to this day. Iga cursed with desire for revenge at the treachery of his Master and to avenge his murdered brothers. Jimushi ever looking to spill worthy blood for his Dark God.

 It is whispered Iga is a Throne Agent now and uses the thrones network to search for Jimushi.

 One day there will be reckoning, and when that day comes Devils and Saints will clash.

 May the Emperor Protect us all.

Jimushi Koga


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