Sunday, 23 April 2017

Lord Captain Izanagi and The Tenchu

*Blows dust off neglected blog*

 So here I my first entry of 2017, whilst there is a forgotten draft sat in here waiting to be finished, this entry proceeded to come life in far rapider succession.....

 Enough of my ramblings, allow me to introduce the Rogue Trader, Lord Captain Izanagi of Kensei and his crew;

Over the centuries The House of Kensei made many allies.
One such ally is the intentionally lesser known Rogue Trader Lord Captain Izanagi of The Trading Vessel; The Tenchu.

 Many a time did the House call upon the services only a Rogue Trader could provide, and in turn, Izanagi was rewarded handsomely.

  After the fall of The House Izanagi stayed loyal to Iga and swore fieldty to The Holy Ordos.

 Now, in the light of events on Hive Volantis, Lord Captain Izanagi and The Tenchu have entered Real space to search for the truth of what happened in that cursed Hive.

Lord Captain Izanagi of Kensei & The Warthrone of The Rising Sun

Jubei of Kensei, Arch-Militant of The Tenchu

Jingoro, Void Master of The Tenchu

Hattori, Crewman of The Tenchu

Kusanagi, Crewman of The Tenchu

Kublai, Honoured Guest and Warp Scryer of Kensei

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