Monday, 3 August 2015



 So, I should start out with a brief introduction, of sorts;

 I have been very much fascinated by most, if not all, things GW for the better part of the last two decades. Whilst I've never been a huge lover of playing the associated games; the modelling, accompanying artworks and fluff in general have always captivated my imagination and fuelled my creations.

 With this in mind, a few years ago I ran a small but, at least I believe it was, successful Dark Heresy group. Whereby I created a rather unique persona for myself as GM of one Inquisitor Corvidae, who was very much inspired by Dan Abnett's characters (not any one particular Inquisitor mind, more an amalgamation) with the speech pattern of an increasingly impatient Alan Rickman.
 The missions, adventures and complete anarchy the Inquisitor's Acolytes became embroiled in was soon a prominent part of my daily thoughts, to the effect of 'hmmm, how can I break them this week?' Soon enough I was writing filler missions to interject publicised campaigns and the player's characters began truly coming to life having complex and diverse relations. It's at this point I really must point out that the majority of these games were hosted, played and somehow completed under the influence of vast quantities of alcohol, which in turn gave at least one character a monolithic animus and was game after game a source of wild hilarity. This was balanced by cool logic and dark dry humour from the other members of the group.

 Alas all good things come to end and eventually the group stopped playing. This leads to where we are now, a member of the group and close friend suggested we start playing Necromunda with a view to commencing an Inq28 campaign. Itching at the chance to throw a gang together once again and better yet, bring back Inquisitor Corvidae, we began!

 So there it is, the opening salvo as it were.

 Now moving on; I will introduce Cell Corvidae and hopefully bring each member to life with a narrative of sorts. But for now, I shall exit with a few images of the models. Please note many of these are not finished and are most definitely works in progress.

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