Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hereticus: Rogue

How long have I wandered the ever welcoming cold of the void?

How many centuries has it taken to get here?

How many untold have died?

Not nearly enough.

The noble war draws close and now, at last, my sponsors shall taste the endless suffering of reality.

Tell the Crow his persistence was admirable, but it would never be enough. Icarus will take flight, and the Galaxy shall burn.....

~Inquisitor Felden Heliosz

 The ramblings of the far fallen Inquisitor Heliosz. A once powerful and respected Inquisitor of the Ordos Hereticus, now a deviant rogue feared for his knowledge and what his actions suggest his end game to be.

Heliosz is danger incarnate.

 Spurred on by a tome of forbidden lore and empowered by the darkest of energies, bound in iron and soaked in blood. Heliosz has indeed fallen far.

 Like a moth to a flame Heliosz is drawn ever downward by the whispers of the ruinious powers. What they provide with one gesture they remove from him with the next. The power that sustains him, is also devouring him from the inside.

 When Heliosz kills with the bound daemon weapon his strength and martial skills are heightened, when he reads the secrets which should never be read he is granted powers over the molecule and atom. Able to dismantle those who would oppose him in an offering to those that need him.

 These gifts as stated are not free however. Maintained in ancient suite of atificer armour with internal works blessed by the darkest rituals and operated by the foulest of machine spirits, Heliosz's is kept on the brink of death on a promise of immortality. Every time he taps into the power of the warp his physical form is the currency for the exchange. His left arm is withered and is a bare shadow of the noble frame and muscle it once was. For each person laid to ruin he is rewarded with Dark vigour, his right arm overly muscular as the black energies within poison and taint what's left of his organics.

 Felden Heliosz, hereticus rogue.

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  1. This guy looks cool, the bionic leg is a nice touch, he certainly has the rogue trader look about him.