Friday, 7 August 2015

Rise and Rise Again: The Flight of Icarus

 As I touched on in an earlier post, I'm a fan of Dark Heresy and had a reasonable campaign run.

 The thing about GMing I liked was the ability to go on mad tangeants; don't like this part of the mission/adventure? Cool, throw your own thing in there. Don't quite feel that story arc is over? Great! Keep it going?

 So its with this mind set I want to put together a continuation of Inquisitor Corvidae's story. I want to know if he finally unravels the Serrated Query, I want to discover what Cell Corvidae uncovered and more importantly , what happens next?

 With this in mind I've started putting this togather, this extremely early stages but puts conceptualisations to paper. So to speak;

Rise and Rise Again.....

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